PRISTINE Brand Story

PRISTINE・・・Unspoiled, maintained in its original condition

What is Pristine?

Pristine is a Japanese organic cotton brand created by Avanti.

Avanti started using organic cotton in 1990. At this time, organic cotton was not widely known or understood in Japan. Against this challenging backdrop, Avanti started to import organically produced cotton, which it uses to create fabrics for its carefully planned products.

  • Ladies’ wear
  • Underwear
  • Accessories
  • Bedding
  • Bathroom items
  • Body care products
  • Men’s wear
  • Baby wear

As a pioneer of organic cotton items in Japan, Pristine continues to develop new additions to its lineup that always stay true to its standards of comfort and gentleness.

Five Unique Features

No Dyes

None of Pristine’s products use dyes.
All are made in an environmentally friendly way that employs no chlorine bleaches, fixing agents, or shrink-proof agents.

Made in Japan

As an heir to Japan’s long tradition of quality and reliable craftsmanship,
Pristine carefully oversees the entire manufacturing process,
from the cultivation of the organic cotton crops through to the creation of the fabric,
and then the production of clothing items.


Pristine items are fully traceable,
making it possible to see who did what and when at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Gentle Design

Pristine products are carefully designed to be gentle on both the skin and spirit.
Stress-free to wear, they can be washed at home and last for a long time.
The attentive Pristine approach results in clothing suitable for wearing in many different settings, from work to leisure.


At organic cotton fields, ladybirds are used as beneficial insects to combat pests.
As such, the ladybird is Pristine’s guardian angel.

The quality of its organic cotton is Pristine’s unique forte.


Spreading the Message of Organic Cotton

Regular cotton cultivation uses large amounts of various pharmaceuticals, including chemical fertilizers and pesticides such as herbicides, insecticides, and defoliants.

The scale of environmental pollution and human suffering caused by these unnatural things is truly unfathomable.

Child labor on cotton farms in developing nations is also a grave problem.

Seeing the child labor in Indian cotton farming several years ago and wanting to do something about this situation where girls work all day under the blazing sun, Pristine started using Indian cotton for its products.

By choosing to use Indian organic cotton not farmed by child labor, Pristine hopes to improve local conditions for children.

Pristine creates its products every day while striving toward the goal of eradicating child labor and in the belief that spreading the use of organic cotton can contribute to making our society better.

  • 綿花畑で働く女の子の写真
    Women working in a cotton field
  • 無造作に捨てられた農薬袋の写真
    Easily discarded pesticide bag
  • オーガニックコットン畑の写真
    Organic cotton field
  • ブリッジスクールに通う子供たちの写真
    Young children attending a bridging school
  • 女性支援の取り組みの写真
    Support projects for women
  • インド産オーガニックコットン工場の写真
    Organic cotton factory

Tohoku Grandmas & Pristine

Pristine launched this project with elderly women in the Tohoku region of northeast Japan as a positive, locally rooted way to contribute to rehabilitation.

東北グランマ × PRISTINE

The earthquake and tsunami on March 11th, 2011 wiped out thousands of lives as well as many valuable assets and much of the fishing and the garment manufacturing industries along the Tohoku coast. The women who worked there, sometimes for decades, lost their jobs in the disaster. Pristine partners with these Tohoku grandmas in the affected areas, tapping into their skills and diligence for a special series of items every season. Decorated with embroidery and hand-knit patterns, these products aspire to build heartfelt bonds with children and people around Japan.

▼ Tohoku Grandmas & Pristine
Tohoku Grandma Project 東北グランマの仕事づくり

Pristine Cafe


Pristine holds salon-style events with various partners to share the brand’s philosophy. Each month, different people are invited to lead events at Pristine’s stores. In addition, Pristine also organizes talks about women and health issues, including underwear selection, cloth sanitary pads, and body circulation, as well as workshops and more.

▼ Latest Events

  • プリスティン 本店
  • プリスティン 自由が丘店
  • プリスティン 吉祥寺店

Craftsmanship and Quality

All of Pristine’s products are made in Japan. Learn about the careful craftsmanship and quality that goes into each and every product, drawing upon the expertise and techniques of artisans from all over Japan.

  • ものづくりの写真1
  • ものづくりの写真2
  • ものづくりの写真3

▼ Craftsmanship and Quality

Shopping Bags

  • ショッピングバッグの写真1
  • ショッピングバッグの写真2

These “newspaper bags” are made individually at a vocational aid center in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, using old newspapers collected from libraries and universities. With the project’s spirit of recycling and care matching the ethos of the brand, Pristine offers the items as shopping bags for customers. Robust and able to hold up to around 2kg, the bags are ideal for carrying groceries and various other everyday activities. Discover new ways to use a unique bag made from newspapers.

T-Shirts by 100 Artists

Pristine wants to leave behind a world that is still beautiful for the next generation.

Art T-shirts

This project aspires to tell the world about the environmentally friendly merits of organic cotton. Unfortunately, organic cotton comprises just 1% of the total cotton produced today in the world. Pristine strives to increase this to at least 10% in order to help preserve the beauty of the world for later generations.

Artists from around the world who agree with this mission have worked voluntarily with Pristine to spread this message. These t-shirts created with designs by the artists are intended to tell the world about the wonders of organic cotton. Launched in 1995, the 100th artist joined the project in 2013.

Profits from sales of the artists’ t-shirts are used for raising awareness about organic cotton.

▼ T-Shirts by 100 Artists
100 artists organic cotton T-shirts

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