For everyday comfort, neither too much nor too little
Organic cotton items for your life
pristine [adjective] Unspoiled, maintained in its original condition

Pristine aspires to offer items that can become part of everyday life while always pure for nature and the people making them.


Pristine was launched in 1996,
when organic cotton was not yet widely known or understood in Japan.
Ever since, the brand has continued to use organic cotton
as a material that offers both comfort and durability.

COMMITMENTS Pristine’s Five Commitments

Our fundamental principles
  • 01/No Dyes
    Pristine’s products are made exclusively in ways that are friendly to the environment and people. No dyes are used, with the colors deriving only from the natural hues of the cotton.
    02/Made in Japan
    As an heir to Japan’s long tradition of quality and reliable craftsmanship, Pristine products are manufactured entirely in Japan, from the yarns and cloth material through to the final clothing.
  • 03/Traceability
    Pristine products are fully traceable, making it possible to see who did what and when at any stage of the manufacturing process.
    04/Gentle Design
    Pristine products are carefully designed to be gentle on both the skin and spirit. This delicate Pristine approach considers the many different scenarios in which clothes are worn, and oversees everything from the selection of the fabric right through to the manufacturing.
    Organic cotton is cultivated faithfully according to the natural cycle. At organic cotton fields, ladybug beetles are used as beneficial insects to combat pests. As such, the ladybug is Pristine’s guardian angel.

SOCIAL ACTION Social Initiatives

Pristine’s CSR activities
Working with Tohoku grandmas
The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11, 2011 devastated the Tohoku region of northeast Japan. Pristine works with elderly women in Tohoku to tap their skills for certain items. By increasing employment opportunities in the areas affected by the disaster, Pristine aspires to foster hope and happiness again for locals.
Supporting NGO ACE to fight child labor
Action Against Child Exploitation is an NGO campaigning for the abolition and prevention of child labor in India and Ghana. It works in Japan with citizens, governmental agencies, and corporations to find solutions to this global issue. Pristine also continues to support these activities protecting children from exploitation.
Ekodomo School
Ekodomo School is an educational project that reflects on the three pillars of life (food, shelter, and clothing) for a wide range of stakeholders in society, from children to adults, including people in areas affected by natural disasters. It aims to create exciting and carefree ways to experience firsthand, learn, and enjoy themselves in natural environments. The school is a general incorporated association run by twelve women.


Pristine is a Japanese organic cotton brand created by Avanti,
which started using organic cotton in its products in 1990.
At that time, organic cotton was not yet widely known or understood in Japan. Against this challenging backdrop, Avanti began to import organically produced raw cotton, which it uses to make fabrics for its carefully planned products.

Pristine was born as the “child” of Avanti in 1996.

The word pristine means
- something that is unspoiled or maintained in its original condition. -
As a brand, Pristine incorporates these hopes and ideas.
At the heart of Pristine lies the concept of bringing comfort into everyday life.

Pristine’s items use no chemical dyes to add color to the design.
While it might seem foolish, even reckless, to make textile products without any coloring other than the natural colors of the raw materials, we remain committed to this endeavor. We seek out the freedom within this constraint to research and re-weave the skills of Japanese craftsmanship and passion.
By restricting ourselves only to the natural colors of our textiles, we can develop materials and products in far more profound ways.

As a brand, Pristine presents a sustainable lifestyle model that is compatible with people’s everyday lives.

Ladies’ wear
Bathroom items
Baby wear
Men’s wear

The brand’s line of organic cotton lifestyle items is available across seven categories.
In 2018, I stayed with nomads in Mongolia some 1,500 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar for two nights and three days. During my travels there, I was shocked by the various kinds of plastic bottles and bags I could see blowing in the wind across the steppes. Witnessing this disparity between the natural beauty of the landscape and this manmade trash, I was filled with a desire to do something about this problem.
I have felt this not only overseas, but also in Japan.
Paying a visit to Ishigaki, an island in the far south, the stunningly blue sea shimmered bright with the rays of the sun. But when I looked over to the beach, I was astounded by what I saw: plastic bottles, polystyrene foam, and fishing gear, almost all washed up on the beach from elsewhere and so numerous that there was almost nowhere to step.
Even here in Ishigaki, the problem of environmental pollution had become severe.

The United Nations has set the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, one of which includes combating the growing problem of plastics in the oceans.
It is now abundantly clear that clothing with synthetic fibers leads to microplastics when washed, which are then released into our rivers and seas.
The fashion industry is said to be the world’s second largest polluter after the oil and gas industries. The planet on which we live is being destroyed by the fashion industry.
This is a fact that I, who aspired to be a fashion designer since childhood and was able to accomplish that dream of working professionally in the industry, find hard to bear.

For 22 years, Pristine has continued to use organic cotton in the hope of contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle that can leave behind a livable planet for the children of the future.
In 2019, we will relaunch Pristine’s Ubugi babywear line.
We have also started the Pristine Baby Project to make clothing for newborn infants in ways that look far ahead to life in the 22nd century.

Child labor is commonplace at cotton fields in India, depriving children of their rights. In a field sprinkled with agricultural chemicals, young girls worked under a blazing sun from morning until night. When asked their ages, all the girls replied: “Maybe 13.” They each had the same answer.
They didn’t even know their own birthdays. We want such children to go to school. We want them to laugh and play with their friends. These are the feelings that motivate NGO ACE, an organization striving to eliminate child labor. Avanti endorses ACE’s activities and has offered them support since 2008. Avanti also continues to buys cotton from organic cotton suppliers in India.。

The relaunched babywear uses this Indian organic cotton.
We have developed a cloth material from the yarn that fuses two antithetical ideas: a texture gentle like the amniotic fluid that cushions a baby in the womb and a strength for mothers that does not wear down even after multiple washes.
Comprising an internal team of raw material and product planners, the project developers aimed to attain the ultimate in functionality from the raw cotton, yarn, and cloth. After a process of trial and error lasting nearly two years, we could finally achieve the results we wanted. We hope that parents will gain joy from our new infant clothing.

In the same way that we cannot bring happiness to everyone around the world straightaway, we cannot change the environment overnight. Nonetheless, we have pursued a steady course toward this goal and will continue to do so in the future.


That one item in your hand is connected to the rest of the world.
While probably nothing really changed when you acquired it,
we believe that knowing what took place until that item could arrive in your hand and then making your selection based on that awareness will, slowly yet surely, lead to a better future.
Pristine aspires to be a brand cherished and valuable to everyone’s daily lives.

Hideko Okumori
Avanti Co., Ltd.