For daily comfort,
we keep it simple
and do not compromise quality. Pristine is a brand
of everyday organic cotton items.

Undyed Cotton

Pristine products are not artificially colored. Avoiding chemicals such as chlorine bleach, color fixative, and shrink-proofing agent, we choose environment friendly options at all stages of processing.

Made-in-Japan Products

We dedicate ourselves to manufacture all of our items in Japan, from a yarn and fabric to finished goods, based on techniques cultivated in the islands. For this production control, we assure traceability and secure manufacturing processes.

Traceable Manufacturer

Our finished goods can be traced back to raw materials to ensure where and when who was involved in the process.

Customer-Centered Design

Not only they are safe, our items meet various needs of users. They are soft, machine washable, and tough. They are designed to be useful in any situation as well.


Organic farm uses as few chemicals as possible. Ladybird plays an active role in pest control. The small bug is our guardian angel.

We are Pristine, the lifestyle brand of organic cotton items. We thank both our loyal customers and first-time visitor of this website, and hope our relationship lasts long.

We are proud of giving you a brief introduction of Pristine.

Pristine is a brand owned by Avanti, the organic cotton product manufacturer. Avanti began working with organic cotton in 1990. At that time, the term “organic” was not yet familiar to most people, and very few knew about organic cotton. From the beginning we dedicated ourselves to importing organically grown raw cotton and producing and selling yarn, fabric and finished goods of consistent quality.

In 1996, we established Pristine as our own lifestyle brand, which consists of eight product groups:

  • Ladies' clothes
  • Ladies' Under wear
  • Accessories
  • Bed linen
  • Bath products
  • Sanitary and cosmetic items
  • Men's clothes
  • Babies' items

As the organic cotton pioneer, we are continuing our endeavor to produce safe and comfortable items.

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